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Babita Patel, Media Mogul, kahani, print magazine, girls' stories


Through her work as a storyteller, photographer and nonprofit leader, Babita saw firsthand the power in hearing girls' stories in their own voices. When friend and fellow girls' advocate, Tara Abrahams, mentioned a similar desire to amplify the voices of girls, Babita knew she was about to embark on her newest venture—a global media platform. 

Together, the two women launched kahani, a print magazine for girls by girls from around the world, designed to inform, elevate & inspire. Targeted at 12-to-18 year old girls, kahani features a global perspective & diverse representation of girls from a range of communities, cultures & countries. By focusing on print, kahani is accessible to girls in locations where connectivity remains a luxury rather than a part of everyday life—from rural villages in Uganda to neighborhoods in the Bronx.

Because girls with dreams become women with vision.


Kahani, logo, print magazie, girls stories


Media mogul photo  •  Meghan Hooper

KIOO Project, nonprofit, logo, gender equality
Babita Patel, Storyteller, Humanitarian Photographer, Author, Nonprofit Leader, Media Mogul, Public Speaker, Wanderlust Addict
Babita Patel, Breaking Out in Prison, author, book, cover, photography, systemic racism, criminal justice, prison education
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Email to contribute or become a partner for the next issue.

Kahani, logo, print magazie, girls stories

Through kahani, girls share personal stories that inform, elevate & inspire one another.

Introducing a magazine for girls by girls from around the world.
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